Young Family Starter

This is the first project I’ve worked on since getting ‘Get Together‘! I just -love- this expansion and all the vast amount of content it offers in terms of build-mode.

So I decided to make this little home. In my mind, this is the home of a newlywed couple that are expecting a baby. Although the house is quite small, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re poor! The couple are clearly from the middle-class but their income seems to be rising, so they don’t really have the shabbiest of furniture. Quite the contrary, it seems like they’re running out of space for all their new things!

On a technical note, this house is under 40k, meaning that it’s suitable for a freshly-married Sim couple that joined together their small fortunes (aka, 20k each, the minimum starter). I didn’t want to make a starter, I wanted to give them some fancier stuff.

The house comes with a small front yard and a reasonably sized pool for a small family. There’s a barbecue outside for fun parties, and a tiny porch.

When you enter the house, you’re met with a small living room, but with decent stuff regardless of it’s size.

The kitchen is the gem of the house, offering many cabinets and cooking opportunities. The lack of space for a dining table is unnoticeable as people just sit by the counters to eat.

The bathroom is small, but offers great privacy. The tub is behind a curtain so anyone can just relax without being disturbed. There is a walk-in closet before the small hallway, and there is a tiny space under the stairs for all the clutter, laundry, and other misc. things that you wouldn’t want seen.

The bathroom was a pain to capture properly.

The upstairs is just a bedroom with a small desk and a PC.

Next to it is the baby’s room, with a small window so the parents can easily look in on their child without waking it up with the creaky door.

The bedroom also leads to a balcony with many flowers and a sitting area with an amazing view.

No significant MOO was used for this house. You don’t need to enable it for it to load properly.

NOTE: The main point of this project was to try and use as many of the new ‘Get together‘ stuff as I could, so I am really unsure what the house would look like without it.

Type: Residential
Size: 7×10 for the house, 5×11 for the yard
Content: Get Together
Cost:  § 38,488


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Please give me credit if you use my things! And please don’t steal! 

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