Tiny Treehouse Decoration

This was my first attempt at making something out of misc. stuff, just by placing things around using MOO.

I came up with this small tree-house because I kept seeing actual, live-in tree-houses in the gallery, but to me, even though they are gorgeous, they just felt -too- big to be a tree-house. So I made this for the little guys in the household. 

It’s a separate room, not a lot, so you can place it anywhere in your garden or on your non-residential lot. You might need to have MOO Enable bb.moveobjects ON enabled to display it correctly!
This, of course, is just a decoration as it is made from mainly wall decorations: two ‘balcony’ things make the house itself, the roof is made of shelves, door and windows are pictures facing backwards. The ladder is that brown arch wall decoration stacked together. Needless to say, you can’t go in it 🙂

You are free to customize it afterwards, like changing the tree (I used the smallest one just for demonstration) or deleting the ground to be able to modify the terrain texture.

NOTE: This works best on houses without a risen foundation and on small wall height. Some display issues might occur otherwise.

Hope you like it!


Type: Room (Outdoors)
Size: 4X4
Content: Base game, no CC, no packs
Cost:  § 4,405


Gallery link
Download zip

Please give me credit if you use my things! And please don’t steal! ♥

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