Tiny starter on wheels (Maxis Featured)


Here’s my tiny house on wheels! For whatever reason I decided to make it diagonally and maybe made my life more difficult, but eh.

This is meant to be a light, wooden trailer-type house that comes equipped with a strong set of wheels so it’s easily portable and can be attached to any car. (I picked this car instead of the truck cause the color matched better!)

On the outside, it’s obviously girly. In my mind this is owned by a Sim that just wants to see the world, have fun, and settle literally anywhere and at any time! The outside comes with steps that can be lowered while the car is resting, or picked up while on the road. The top comes with a tiny balcony that can seat two people and offers an easel for when the scenery is just too gorgeous.

The first floor is a living room and bedroom in one! It comes with a single bed, comfy chair facing a small TV, and even a computer! It also hosts a small library and some hangers for clothes that easily wrinkle.

The stairs lead up to a small kitchen, but don’t let the size fool you! It comes fully equipped with a fridge, stove, microwave, and even a coffee maker! It also has many shelves for utensils. Across the kitchen is a small hallway that has a slim wardrobe. Across it is a small bathroom equipped with a toilet, shower and sink, and the basic clutter.

Best of all, IT’S ALL FULLY FUNCTIONAL! Everything has been play-tested multiple times and it all works.
I did have to use MOO Enable bb.moveobjects ON and place two shelves on the top floor so that the stairs hole wasn’t too large, but other than that, everything is positioned correctly!

NOTE: I purposefully left the garden empty. As much as I love doing gardens, this house on wheels just didn’t really seem to suit one, as I imagine it constantly on the road. 🙂


Type: Residential
Size: 4X3 on the inside, 6×3 with the balconies
Content: Base game, no CC, no packs
Cost:  § 18,307 (Under starter price)


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Download zip

Please give me credit if you use my things! And please don’t steal! 

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