Pin Road (Reference starter)

This was my first build that I made from a reference building! I saw this cute little house on Pinterest and thought that it would make an amazing starter in the Sims. I tried my best to replicate it, but I did end up changing some things from the original because I felt they suit the in-game build better.

The outside has a patio with a small garden. You can put some of the plants away and add a few pots and planters and grow your own stuff! I also added a small table and two chairs cause I felt like it would be a really comfy place to sit.  (I am using the Dock Den lot in Windenburg!)

The inside is rather small, but big enough to house a couple or a loner. The living room is the first thing you enter into, having just a simple sofa facing a big bookshelf (library) and a modest TV.

Right next to it is a small kitchen with a counter that you can prepare, or have, your meals on. Comes with the basic necessities.

The empty hallway leads to the small bathroom, again, equipped with just the bare minimum.

Next to it is the bedroom. It comes with a double bed, modern dresser and a small desk with a PC. This room also comes with the best view!

And that’s it, really. Just a very basic starter, but with a lot of building potential once you decide to expand! Most of my §20k starter budget was spent on the outside, making sure it looks like the original. So the inside might seem a bit bare, but it has all the basic necessities that you need to start a comfy life!

Here’s the actual house if you’re curious!

NOTE: The original had a garage, but I decided to make it a window due to how risen foundations work in The Sims 4. MOO might be needed for the TV.

Type: Residential
Size: 6×10 for the inside, plus a small yard
Content: Get Together; City Living
Cost:  § 17,928


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Please give me credit if you use my things! And please don’t steal! 

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