Lone Rose Road [Starter]

This adorable house was actually inspired by a dollhouse! It was a bit of a toughie to make structurally so I had to differ a bit from the original source, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ll link my source of inspiration at the bottom of the post, so please enjoy the gallery!

The front ‘yard’ is quite tiny, just enough for a rest after a busy day at work. You can note that the garden is quite overgrown and there’s little vines and flowers going everywhere, which just seems to add more charm to the little house. This was the main thing that drew me into recreating this house, I should mention. The original has quite a lot of flowers!

This is the basic layout of the house. As you can see, it’s quite small! The little yard leads you directly into a very tiny living room, combined with a kitchen.

There is a sofa right at the entrance, facing the kitchen table, and above it, the TV. This allows for people to lounge around after lunch, as the space is quite small and I couldn’t fit a proper living room anywhere else!

The kitchen has just enough necessities for a comfy meal. It comes with a fridge, stove, coffee maker, and a small waste basket. The cabinets hold plates and some other stuff, and you have a lovely window view while doing the dishes!

Right across from the kitchen is a table suitable for three. The half-wall helps out with some extra storage for little decorations or extra snacks.  You also notice a small, but functional TV positioned right above the table!

The TV, set on a sturdy shelf, is visible from the couch and kitchen table so the whole family can enjoy the view. Across the table, on another shelf, is a radio for when you don’t want the glare of a TV, yet still want some noise.

The tiny hallway leads to the bedroom, located on the left side.

Upon entering, you can see a double bed. Perfect for a couple, or a loner that just wants to stretch out. There’s a small locker, and some shelves with clothes and other accessories. The large windows really brighten up this room and allow for a comfy sleep!

Facing the bed, next to the door, is a tiny desk with a computer on it, for everyday use. Next to it is a small bookshelf, and there’s a full-body mirror on the other side of the door. (All of these objects are functional, regardless of the tiny space!)

On the other side of the hallway, is a somewhat spacious bathroom. It has just the basics, and the windows are secluded with a curtain.

And that’s the grand tour! I decided not to do much landscaping, just a few basic trees and many, many flowers. The roof “windows” are just for decor, that floor is not functional but you’re free to expand to it once your family grows!


Here is the dollhouse pin that inspired me:

And the original source that I highly recommend you check out!

Cinderella Moments – Dollhouse


NOTE: This house is actually placed DIAGONALLY cause I wanted the Gallery thumbnails to capture the garden.

Type: Residential
Size: Fits on a 15×20 lot
Content: Cats & Dogs; City Living; Get Together; Vampires; Romantic Garden Stuff.
Cost: § 19,955 (Excluding lot cost)


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