Little Flower Market

Yes, yes, my stuff are either ‘tiny’ or ‘little’ I just like the challenge of making the most out of a small space!

This is a little flower shop, but it’s also a house. Meaning, the first floor is a flower market, while the lady that owns it lives in a small room on the second floor!

Lillian was a young lady with little money, but lots of love for nature. She decided it’s time to move out, and left her nest. She could only barely afford the small shack at the very end of the street, but she worked with what she had. By herself, she was able to transform the little shack into her own blooming business!

Over time, she acquired more and more pots, healthy soil, and a large variety of only the best of seeds and began growing her own flowers.

First she made a small parcel outside her house, but when that clearly wasn’t enough, she turned her balcony into a garden as well!

Her room might be small, but it’s all she needs for a great life. A comfy bed, a warm meal, and a friendly TV is just enough to satisfy all needs.

Out of necessity, she made her bathroom on the bottom floor so that customers can use it as well!

Eventually she bought a computer to keep her orders in check and here she is now, owner of her very own, self-made business that is the gem of her neighborhood. Stop on by and meet Lillian and her babies, she loves company!

Story (I made up) aside, the house can comfortably house a loner. It comes with all necessities. The lot traits are perfect for the gardening career, or anything similar. It has all been playtested, and it all functions correctly. The bathroom was made in mind of customers needing to use one, so I made a separate ‘room’ for just the shower for when the shop is closed. I debated quite some time whether this house should have a basement, but I just decided to keep the simplicity.

NOTE: The house itself is very small so naturally it should be cheap as a starter, HOWEVER, due to this being a flower shop, I had to use a ton of flower decorations which really upped the price. If you like the build itself without the flowers, just use it unfurnished!


Type: Residential
Size: 9×9
Content: Romantic Garden Stuff; Cool Kitchen Stuff (Only for a few flowers and clutter)
Cost:  § 66,478


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Please give me credit if you use my things! And please don’t steal! 

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