Little Fairy Village

This time I have something different. It’s not a house. It’s not a room. It’s just a… decorational lot! Just a cute, adorable little fairy village that you can place in your neighborhood and add a dash of magic to it. It’s a Generic lot, so that means that every Sim can visit it and meet their new, tiny neighbors!

It started off as a simple idea when they introduced the terrain modifying tool. I always see many hobbit villages or houses, but never a pink, cutesy, fairy one! I’ve had some experience with improvising things into houses, so I figured I can do the same thing this time. I used roofs and roof accessories as all the houses, and then shrunk things to make doors, windows, and other little tidbits. This is what the front looks like!

And here is the back! I’ll give you all a tour in the upcoming images. (Note, I used the Mouse Hole item to mimic tunnels. I just had to increase it a bunch!)

This is a top-down view so you can get an idea of the layout. I used the fountain tool, not the pool one, because I preferred the more shallow water rather than the deep one. I’m also using quite a large lot.

For houses like these, I used a front or diagonal facing roof, and I just rounded them up. What I like about using roofs as houses is that they can actually clip through the raised terrain, thus making them seem ’embedded’ into the mountains. I used pet doors for some houses (they’re small and didn’t need resizing) or a picture frame for others. I also used pictures as windows on most of the houses. I shrunk objects such as trees and fountains using  the [ and ] keys.

For ‘stairs’, I just used shrunken shelves. This part was the trickiest and most time consuming, but I love the end result. I also used shelves as ‘decks’ for some of the more higher-up houses. For the railings, I just used the smallest fence options. Fences go along the terrain so I had to adjust that several times, but I’m very happy with how they turned out. For house chimneys, I’m using regular chimneys.

Now this roof accessory from Cats & Dogs came really handy for mimicking houses. They’re also very easy to add windows and doors to, because they don’t act like walls and don’t have wall restrictions. Again I used shelves as stairs. I used several items to mimic bridges, and also used rocks.

And for an extra cute flair, I added many dolls and statues to play the villagers! There’s dozens of them hidden around the village.

I wanted to add something like a tunnel where water can pass through, and still end up on the other side. I used two different roof items for this conjoined house on the hill, and it’s probably my favorite. I also shrunk some tables and chairs. Placing plants and rocks along the terrain adds more life to it, I like to think.

Behind the hill is a small church. I used another roof item as the church, and just added a shrunken window and door. Added a few benches, and stairs leading down to….

The local cemetery! Sadly, every village needs one. I used shrunken tombstones from Vampires and added a few pots of plants here and there, as well as a few grieving villagers.

Down the road from the cemetery, behind the busiest part of the village, is a big ranch. A lady lives here that owns a few horses, and she also has the biggest house of the village. She likes her privacy!

If you pass her ranch and keep going down the road, you’ll reach the chapel and wedding venue. Love blossoms even in the tiniest parts of the world! Same roof item as the church, with a few hearts added to it. I added a small altar and many benches.

Further on, there’s a small lake up in the mountain. You can reach it by climbing a few stairs. It’s the perfect place to relax and chill out, as it overlooks the ravine and the village itself.

And down the road is the alpaca farm! Just a small house, and a girl tending to her alpacas.

And that makes us come full circle back to the village! This tour might have made little sense, but you have to see it in-game to fully understand where everything is. I had soooo much fun making this, I got so invested in it that it literally took me an entire day to make. Once I got into it I couldn’t stop! So I really hope you like it, I thought it was a very fun project and it just makes my neighborhood look so much cuter.

Thank you for reading!


NOTE: Everything is set up in such a way, that sadly, Sims can’t really get into all the corners of the place. It’s quite steep!

Type: Generic
Size: Fits on a 40×30 lot
Content: Cats & Dogs; City Living; Get Together; Vampires; Romantic Garden Stuff, Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat
Cost: § 91,867 (Excluding lot cost)


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Please give me credit if you use my things! And please don’t steal!

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