Cottagelicious! (Starter)

I just love making starters! While browsing the Gallery for ideas, I ran into an incredibly talented builder called Lluispire. He makes amazing cottages, castles, and just magical foresty things! So, feeling inspired, I decided to give it a go and make a basic cottage, with maybe a pond and a bridge. I used my Garden Bridge decoration (but modified it lightly) and the rest came together rather easily!

A problem I had with this starter is that mainly all my budget (20k) went on the yard. By the time I was happy with it, I realized my funds were very low for the inside. So, I had to cut a few bits and pieces that I wanted to include (like a well, bigger pond, more trees) just so I can make sure the cottage itself has some basic commodities.

Another unforeseen expense was the chimney (a hefty §700~) but once I placed it, I couldn’t live without it. 

The inside is fairly basic. One larger room fits the kitchen, dining and living room all in one. I placed the TV on a shelf using MOO, and it’s completely usable as you can see! (I used the second-hand cabinets to save on costs in dire times, you’re free to replace those!)

Next we have the bedroom, equipped with a mirror, bed, dresser and a basic computer.

The bathroom is really, really tiny but usable. All objects work.

The yard is meant to resemble a small clearing in a vast wooded area. A lot of overgrown plants, and a mysterious path leading somewhere deep. The broken-off fence is accompanies by a small bench, so you can relax and read a good book.

So yeah, while the inside is a bit shabby and dull, the outside is quite lush and fun! I figured if someone lives deep in the woods they wouldn’t really have any fancy stuff, right?

NOTE: The house is built diagonally, so you may have some issues with certain furniture, especially with stairs if you decide to make a second floor.

Type: Residential
Size: 6×3 for the house; diagonally
Content: Get Together; City Living
Cost:  § 18,400


Gallery link
Download zip

Please give me credit if you use my things! And please don’t steal! 

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